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Designers On Holiday (DOH) is a design adventure exploring new ways for designers to reintroduce themselves to the natural and playful side of design. The campsite acts as a hub for creative activities of all shapes and sizes. Designers are encouraged to collaborate, share and teach one another tricks of their trade.

Over the past 6 years designers from different disciplines and countries have built a wide array of essential amenities, including a camp full of tents, micro cabins, a symbiotic hot tub, a plunged pool, two outdoor showers, an out door kitchen, a wood fired bread oven, a one man sauna, a 10 man sauna, a terracotta kiln, a viewing platform, a dinning pavilion, a toilet, a swing, an observation platform, a waxed cotton sailing boat, a herbal distillery, a sound instillation, a woodland cinema, a camp flag, a loom, soap made from the local flora, paint pigments made from the land, many a wonderful dinners, loads ceramics and countless hand-carved spoons.   

The permanent location of DOH is 15 Acres of Gotlandic countryside. A mixture of limestone bedrock and dense juniper bushes. The site is a source of inspirations for the holiday makers who attend the annual camp.

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