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During Designers on Holiday, designer/baker Julia Georgallis designed and built a wood fired oven out of found materials, metal and local bricks.







DOH’s communal wood fired oven was designed and built by industrial designer, Londoner and backpacker turned baker, Julia Georgallis who also runs UK based project, The Bread Companion. TBC is a nomadic micro bakery that offers bread making workshops, supper clubs and publishes a regular blog about food (and bread) from around the world.   DOH's bread oven acts as the center of the camp’s outdoor kitchen, allowing for al-fresco cooking, shared learning and community eating for years to come.


Julia also organises the cooking and foodie workshops for DOH’s campers so that people don’t have to live on Swedish tube food and hot dogs (which are actually quite delicious).


By: The Bread Companion & Featuring - Featuring

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