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JULY 16sth & JULY 30th

For the first time in 5 years the DOH campsite outside the small village of Ala on the Swedish Island of Gotland will be openings its doors to guests. The entire camp has been built by a community of international artists, designers and creative holidaymakers. 

The cabins

Made from pine and plywood each cabin can comfortably sleep one person or two people who know each other very well.

The front of the cabin is a made from translucent sail fabric allowing the morning to light to wake you up naturally. The entire front of the cabin also slides to one side leaving you to enjoy the view in the morning or gaze at the starts at night.

We offer bed linen and blankets, but you are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag.


Guest access

This is basic camping but in a stylish cabin rather than a little tent. The camp site is a beautiful site in amongst several farms and is incredibly peaceful. 

You will have access to amenities such as our unique designer composting toilet and outdoor shower. If you want to use the spa, please contact us in advance so that we can prepare it for you, as it takes some time to install. There is no access to an indoor kitchen or refrigerator, but you are welcome to cook with us outside or you can choose to have a cooked breakfast and dinner for an additional fee (you can decide this when you come to the camp).

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