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Climbing Cabin




The Bed and Break was originally imagined as a hybrid sleep-retreat and recreation structure. With the idea of a rope ladder as both access mechanism and object of play, the ladder became imagined as a continuous element akin to a treadmill, continuously moving between forms of retreating. Subtle variations in knot & plank direction+placement differentiate the assembly's function as access ladder, bed platform, and hammock-hangout space.  

The lookout portion of the tower provides an intentionally minimal cabin shell with an entry opening focused on expansiveness toward the landscape, and just enough space to sleep, read, or elbow up and enjoy the views.

The lower hammock portion of the rope ladder provides a surprisingly comfortable hangout space. Care was taken to brace the structure in a way that allows the hangout space views unrestricted by wood cross bracing and in contrast to the cabin portion, providing an experience intimately close to nature. 


By: Lori Marmolejo & Ingrid Brandth

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